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Give your skin a sense of paradise...



Posted on February 14, 2011 at 11:51 AM Comments comments (287)
They say age is just a number, and you are only as young as you feel on the inside. And also the less you think, and worry about the aging process, the less it shows on the outside. I do believe that a young mind , and adventurous spirit somehow play a major role in keeping those wrinkles away. Combine that with some good genes, healthy habits, add a little bit of , lets say positive craziness, and mix it generously with lots of love, and ( there you go!) - you got the recipe for eternal youth! Wish you luck with that mixture!
However, no matter what you do, and how you feel, and how wonderful your genes form your grandmother's side are, the biological clock tic -tacs..with its irritating sound..You roll your eyeballs at the mirror, and even though you perfectly well know your age, you are really "surprised" ...When and how it happened?
Did you know that of all other organs, our skin is the first to show the signs of aging? And its not only the wrinkles, that add more years to our looks, its the skin texture, elasticity, and tone as well. Here are some practical advises from me: to maintain a healthy skin in a good shape, there are 3 basic steps: cleansing, toning, and moisturizing twice a day on everyday basis( with products according to your skin type). And also we have to make sure we drink tons of water! Well, not really, but at least 8 full glasses every day ( if you hate it as i do, throw a lemon slice, makes it taste a little better)
In our twenties we could get away if we missed one of the steps, but later on, maintaining the skin has to become a religion. And yes, monthly visits to the salon for a facial! Its unbelievable what a difference that treatment makes. That , combined with a microdermabrasion does make miracles! it takes away the upper layer of dead cells form you skin, erases all those age, and sun spots, and fine lines,  and basically works like an iron to the skin, leaving it silky smooth. If you haven't had it yet, I would kindly suggest to give it a try.
So, what do you do to slow down the process? How do you "steal" more years of youth( aka slow down the biological clock)? Any secret recipes for home made masks? Please share kindly. When was the best facial you have ever had? What was you worst experience at a salon?
I have to go, have a very early appointment tomorrow with a client. She is 92, and still playing golf!
Talking about a young spirit..:)